I’m in a hair-rut.


I used to have purple hair. You might not know that. There’s something about having purple hair that just makes life..better. But then I was pregnant and decided to let me hair go natural during pregnancy. So here I am with a 10 month old and I’m in a deep hair rut. The reality is 90% of the time my hair is in a ponytail or a top bun. Mom-life, guys..mom-life. I’m going to pretend though that if I get fun new haircut, that will all change.

Hello beautiful hair-spiration…



And maybe a little of this… purplehair



Or some of this… redhair




Who’s hair are you crushin’ on these days?
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The Art of Being Alone – 10 Things To Do by Yourself

If you have ever turned on Netflix, just because you can’t stand the sound of silence…this post is for you.

In a fast paced world full of multitasking and overworking, it can be hard to remember how to just be. In some ways, it is a learned art form that we have to spend time doing to be comfortable doing in. As an introvert at heart, I love spending time by myself. Not to say I don’t love every single moment with my family that I can get, but when I can’t have that, I love some down time. Even with that love though I find myself turning on Netflix just because I don’t know what to do by myself. It feels weird. Together, let’s work on the art of just being, taking time for ourselves, and learning to embrace the silence.


10 Things To Do by Yourself


1. Doodle

It may sound silly, but doodling is good for the soul.  I dare you to go sit and do nothing but doodle for 20 minutes and not feel inspired in some way. The best part about doodling is there is no agenda, no one ever needs to see it, it doesn’t have to mean anything, and at the end you can throw it away if you wish. If you can’t go with the flow enough to just start doodling, try doing a Zentangle.

2.  Pamper yourself

Spend some time doing all those things that no one actual has time for: Exfoliating, deep hair conditioners (maybe a coconut oil deep condition), hair masks, face masks or anything you have to leave on your face for a period of time…you get the picture. While you are at it, go ahead and give yourself a full pedicure, cuticle treatment and all. It doesn’t take much time and it just helps you feel good, so embrace that.

3. Enjoy a meal outside

It’s a proven fact that eating outside can improve the taste of your food by up to 75%. I may have made that up. But it really is nice to take a meal outside for once and just sit and enjoy. Take in the sounds,embrace the sunshine, feel the breeze, take your time. Hauling the whole family outside for a meal might not be practical, but you sure can take some time to do it yourself.

4. Drink a cup of tea in the bath

Tea & baths are two things that don’t happen nearly enough even though they are incredibly relaxing. I’m sure if I were to take a long bath every evening it would probably change my life. If you can’t stand to be alone with your thoughts that long, this is also a great place to catch up on magazines. If you are feeling really fancy,  you can even pick up a bath bomb from LUSH (the best).

5. Write a letter

You know that friend you have been meaning to write to for so long? Do it. Just take the time to sit down and handwrite a letter to a loved one. It’s easy to fall into the cycle of short messages here and there in-between life’s busyness, but never really diving below the surface. Why handwritten? There are emotions and thoughts that come out when you are handwriting that you can’t always access otherwise.
Oh, and then actually get it to the mailbox!!

6. Go for a prayer walk

You get out of the house for some exercise, you get to spend some concentrated time in prayer without the distractions of home, and if you are taking the stroller your little one is getting some fresh air as well. Challenge yourself with praying about one person, family, or topic for your entire walk. It’s one thing to mention someone in a list of prayer requests, is another to actually lay them on your heart and try to speak into all their needs. The hope is that this practice will help you really think about that relationship and how you can speak into it.

7. Cook a beautiful meal

And only cook what YOU like! Spend time embracing cooking instead of rushing through it; tasting as you go, using all those fun spices that just sit in your cabinet on the day-to-day, and finish with a beautiful plating. Busyness sucks the joy out of cooking.. take it back.

8. Make a list of 10 things to do for other people in your life

Whether it’s picking out 10 just-for-fun gifts to give some friends, a list of people you want to intentionally spend time with in the coming weeks, or 10 friends who you want to give encouragement to.. do what speaks to your love language. Giving of yourself, in whatever way you do that, will rejuvenate your spirit.

9. Write about your day

Take some time to journal and think through your day, process your feelings on paper, and write out your memories. Today is fleeting and as much as you would like to remember all the special moments that happen in your day-to-day life, it’s all becomes blurry. Write it out.
If you are already a daily writer, try writing from a different perspective. Write to your kids, to your future self, or to your past self.

10. Read for fun

If you have time for reading, it probably isn’t the fun kind. Set aside the books about ‘How to Be a Better’ this and ’10 Reasons’ why you fail at that. Sometimes the most fun read can be re-reading a book! Do you have an old favorite you haven’t touched in a while? Get reacquainted.



Now go, relax, and spend some time with YOU