2014, Here we come!

This year instead of making the same old goals and setting myself out for failure I want to set up goals that are practical. In 2014 I am not going to become a different person. I am going to be same old Amy, with the same tendencies. Setting a goal to run a marathon when […]

Holiday Traditions

My husband and I love Christmas. David loves Christmas so much he even put Christmas lights up in our room  that we keep up all year long. Though we love Christmas, we haven’t really set up too many traditions. This being our first year as parents, we decided to take some time to decide how […]

10 Days of Thankfulness: Day 4

When I was pregnant with our first and only child (so far), Marina, I was reading non-stop. I read mom blogs, baby books, pregnancy books, parenting books, medical websites, medical blogs, educational videos… everything. There’s a sense of panic that comes over you when you are about to become a parent for the first time, […]

10 Days of Thankfulness: Day 3

I was asked recently if to fill out a questionnaire about my photography business. Even though this sounds like something that should be a pretty easy task, they were basic questions, I hadn’t honestly thought about it before. Why do I do photography? I don’t know. Because I do? Not good enough. So I took […]

Playtime DIY: The Superhero & The Princess

This DIY is pretty great. No really. Want to know why? Three reasons. – It does not require you owning a sewing machine – You probably have all the pieces lying around the house – It will keep your kids busy for the next few days What’s not to love?! First off, Let’s do the […]